At the Echelon Way our goal is to help men and women build fulfilling romantic relationships. We host discussion classes designed to equip our participants with the knowledge and methods needed to ensure success and avoid relationships that might otherwise fail wasting precious years of one’s life. Additionally we host events where our participants can meet new dating candidates face to face.

While the bar crawl and online dating have their place and likely always will, at The Echelon Way we seek to promote face to face settings where new relationships can be formed free of the exploits often found in other forums.

Our single-sex and co-ed classes offer more opportunities for our members to make connections. Our classes should help our members 1) grow in their understanding of the opposite sex, 2) grow in their understanding of the opposite sex’s needs and the best ways to meet them and 3) come to know how to choose a partner who would best complement their own character traits.

We recommend a series of seven classes for both men and women. The material will likely spark great conversation and constructive dialogue about one another’s intentions and the potential trajectory of the relationship. Each of our members are able to view member profiles to determine which classes each member has taken.

We hope these tools prove quite effective in your search for lasting love and connection. We wish you every success.