Destination Events, Fabulous Venues and Age Groups
Board our luxury chartered bus to experiance the exclusive destination events we host for single men and women making new romantic connections at fabulos destinations throughout the surrounding area. Our one day excursions will be held at resorts, sectacular venues, and museums of interest within 150 miles of our departure location. Our events cater to groups aged 21-25, 26-35, 36-45 and 45+. Attendance at each event is generally limited to 45 female and 45 male guests.

Destination Event List

Filtered Men
Every man attending our event has received an invitation from a woman attending the same event.  She chose him from among her community as a viable and worthy dating candidate. It is not necessary that she has a personal interest in the man she chooses to invite.

Fun Icebreaker
Attendees upload a photo of themselves and a descriptive personal statement without a name.  While connecting, event guests use their cell phones to match each photo with its personal statement using our app.

Sample Personal Statement
“In high school, I was a champion female wrestler.”

Event Perks
We provide you with the opportunity to interact with an all single group of men and women at a great venue which includes an assortment of delicious hors d’oeuvres and two drink tokens per guest.