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Become His Best Girlfriend Yet by Knowing These 4 Essentials – What a man seeks and desires for his satisfaction is considerably different from that which satisfies a woman. Learn how to bring him satisfaction on a level that likely goes beyond his imagination.

Uncommon CommunicationCo-ed – Harmony despite the difference is the goal. Men and Women tend to communicate with both a difference in style and purpose. We’ll discuss the differences and explore the styles while guiding you towards a winning practice of great communication.

Boundaries Protecting What’s Beautiful – Because some damage to the heart can not be undone, we ask how one protects that which is precious from those who secretly intend to take and trample our best under foot.

Does Marriage Make Love Better or WorseCo-ed – Beyond the symbol and the public record, what really is marriage? If chosen, how does one make the most of it? What is to be personally gained or lost by its practice?

Woman Power – Mighty and potent are her strengths and abilities which are native to her core. Let them bring her the praise that is due. We will discuss how to elevate recognition of your worth in the context of a relationship.

How to Foster Lifelong Satisfaction Versus Fleeting HappinessCo-ed – The seven elements of focus needed to produce long term satisfaction vs a temporary happiness that leads to regret.

Love Shouldn’t Hurt (or at least not very often) – Often times pain is the result of boundaries broken, scarce community support, protections pushed aside, and decisions made with a weakened sense of self worth. We’ll discuss how not to repeat the trauma experienced in past relationships.